YourWelcome: Hotel TV Services To AirBnB Properties Via Connected Device

Welcome YourWelcome! Please introduce yourselves to the Pi Labs community.

YourWelcome is a platform for Airbnb hosts to provide ‘hotel’ guest services and personal video welcomes via a connected device. We partner with market leading local services to enable guests to book everything from takeaways to gym access direct from the device.

How did YourWelcome come into being?

Previously we both ran a joint venture mobile agency which we successfully exited in October ’14. Around the same time, we both started renting our homes through Airbnb and were surprised there was no simple, effective digital solution to communicate your home whilst also offering local services to guests during their stay. YourWelcome was born from this.

What’s your business model?

We monetize both sides of the Airbnb ecosystem. Hosts pay to customise the app (to record their welcome and instructional videos) and / or rent a device. We also make affiliate revenue from our selected partners each time a guest books a service through the app.

How do you aim to change the market?

Airbnb is the fastest growing ‘hotel’ chain in the world and YourWelcome aims to be the de-facto provider of premium guest services in this market within 2 years. The huge growth in the short term let market has meant that the competition is fiercer than ever for hosts to get the occupancy rate they want. YourWelcome enables hosts to provide a more personal and professional service, whilst streamlining guest interaction to help increase host profit vs effort.

What brought you to the Pi Labs programme and where do you want to be by the end of it?

Their focus on Prop Tech, along with the quality of mentors, made them our first choice accelerator. By the end of the programme we want to have successfully closed our seed round and be focused on rapidly growing the business.

To close, which entrepreneur do you admire and what does success (one line) mean to you?

Jeff Bezos is an obvious choice – he changed commerce for our generation and is constantly demanding innovation from his team. Success to us is creating an innovative product that is adopted at scale. This is our ambition at YourWelcome!

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