Switchee: A Smart Thermostat For Managed Accommodation


Welcome Switchee! Please introduce yourselves to the Pi Labs community.

Switchee is a smart thermostat for managed accommodation such as social and student housing. It learns a household’s weekly routine and automatically turns the heating off when no one is home. Switchee combats rising energy costs, increases building efficiency and reduces property management expenditure by collecting actionable home usage data.

How did Switchee come into being?

Our Technical lead Russ, who builds nuclear submarines for the MOD, created the first Switchee in his kitchen.  He met our Non Exec Ed who has a decade’s experience in housing and Adam, a proven hardware entrepreneur.  Together they tested and built the first commercial prototype for social landlords and were joined by Ian on the finance and marketing side.  Switchee is a cost effective way to combat fuel poverty whilst enhancing management services.

What’s your business model?

We are the only smart thermostat designed as an enterprise solution for landlords.

How do you aim to change the market?

We are already refining our data offering to landlords.  In 2 years time, alongside our core value proposition of reducing resource wastage, we will be providing market leading data enhancements to landlord management services.

What brought you to the Pi Labs programme and where do you want to be by the end of it?

We are passionate about using technology to improve lives. Pi Labs was the obvious choice for us given our housing focus.  By the end of the programme we want to have identified the right investors and mentors to partner with for the next phase of growth.

To close, what does success mean to you?

Success for us Switchee will be becoming the go to landlord platform for the connected home.

Switchee product

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