Successful Candidates For Second Cohort

We are thrilled to announce the five companies that will be joining our next programme. As announced in the Estates Gazette, the five teams include: 

·      nanoget: nanoget revolutionises the way people rent, let and manage their homes online. As the first community of its kind, nanoget provides a one-step platform for landlords and tenants to directly engage with each other without the use of an external agent. It enables users to communicate seamlessly, helping with negotiating tenancy agreements, logging issues, reporting problems and requesting home related services ranging from plumbers to private tutors. nanoget’s unique continuous feedback builds a strong ecosystem of dedicated users. See more at:

·      EnergyMiser: EnergyMiser is seeking to build an ongoing consumer engagement platform for households to help them save money on their energy bills. They intend to disrupt the space by building a digital toolset for consumers to put them in charge of their energy bills and to make it as easy as possible for people to take action saving money and energy. See more at:

·      RoomFlick: With spiralling rental costs, more people are sharing properties than ever before. Finding the right place to live, and the right people to live with isn’t easy, using social connections and interests, RoomFlick matches people looking for spare rooms and properties, with landlords and existing tenants. See more at:

·      YourWelcome: YourWelcome offers a hotel TV-style connected portal for AirBnB properties. Their connected screens can be rented by AirBnB hosts who can tailor the device for their guests to broadcast host-generated welcome videos and home instructional guides, alongside relevant local information. YourWelcome then serves up daily local offers to the AirBnB guests direct to the device, matching a highly engaged audience with targeted money saving offers. See more at:

·      Switchee: A smart thermostat for social housing. It learns a household’s weekly routine and automatically turns heating off when no one is home. Switchee has been designed in conjunction with affordable housing providers to combat fuel poverty and reduce property management costs by collecting actionable home usage data. See more at:

Our programme officially starts on Monday, September 7th and will run until December 4th. 

If you are an investor and interested in hearing more about these companies or meeting the teams, email