Real Estate and the Ageing Population

At Pi Labs we look to support companies in reimagining the world around us. We see a clear path for many of them to solve some of society’s biggest challenges and we took a look at one area where we know technology can add significant value, namely real estate for older people.

As populations age, this sector is undergoing transformation around the world, and demand for new solutions is growing – in the care home segment of the market and communal-living developments, for example – for investors and startups alike. This is why Pi Labs has compiled this white paper, which combines our insight and unique expertise into a vision of what the future of the industry may hold.

This report will examine the challenges and opportunities for investors and startups this space. We have brought together case studies and the latest research and data with the aim to track industry developments and profile the key players that are defining its future.

See the full white paper here:

Pi Labs – Real Estate And The Ageing Population

Dominic Wilson,
Co-founder & Managing Partner