Propoly: An Online Rental Community

Building a High Growth Proptech Start-Up Featuring Propoly

Welcome Propoly! Please introduce yourselves to the Pi Labs community.

Propoly is an online platform for the rental community. We provide an eco-system for landlords and tenants to interact at all stages of the rental process starting with finding a tenant and ending with fixing your boiler. Propoly seeks to allow our landlords, tenants and service providers to communicate throughout all parts of the rental  process incorporating a feedback system available for the growing private rental sector.

How did Propoly come into being?

One of our co-founders Ben, was attempting to rent out  his flat for the first time. He was taken aback by the commission charged by agents. Even more, if was difficult to ascertain quality of the tenant, or vice versa the quality of the landlord. There was no platform with which to communicate with the tenant and log problems that arose during the tenancy. Agents wanted to charge an extra 10% for this service.

What’s your business model?

We charge for services along the way that our users will need in order to find a tenant and solve problems that arise during the tenancy. We also provide a range of innovative services targeted for landlords and tenants that we will build out as our community grows.

How do you aim to change the market?

We aim to transform the online rental community for landlords and tenants. We are excited to work with our diverse set of users to bring out this change with a proposition that will be cost saving, time efficient and a great way to revolutionise the private rental market.

What brought you to the Pi Labs programme and where do you want to be by the end of it?

We are passionate about technology changing the property sector. We want to be at the forefront of this within the long term rental and management sector and target ways for Propoly to be the go to platform for your rental home, which we believe will enhance our business. By the end of the programme we want to have established investors, mentors and early adopters that share our vision to parent up with to take us forward.  

To close, what does success mean to you?

Success for Propoly –  building a rental community that improves the experience for those looking to long-term let or rent a property.

How to get in touch?