Mapping the future of logistics

This week, Pi Labs is proud to release its first white paper of 2018. We chose to focus our research on the logistics industry, setting out to examine its role in defining the property and real estate of tomorrow. You can download a free PDF copy of the white paper in full here:

Pi Labs – Future of Logistics Document

From transporting iron across Wales on the world’s first cargo trains in the 1800s to the global operations of Amazon’s automated warehouses, the logistics industry has continually been shaped and reshaped by new technologies throughout its life. Today, it’s an interesting area for household-name tech companies and ambitious new faces alike to battle it out for a piece of the innovation pie.

When we decided to deep-dive into logistics to enhance our understanding, we knew that there were a lot of organisations already gathering useful data and conducting important research. But we were surprised to discover little in the way of insight and analysis focused on knowledge-sharing between different industry sectors, plus only a small body of work speaking to people involved on the ground.

In this white paper, we hope to help fill that gap and to contribute ideas that will offer value for logistics and real estate professionals alike, as well as for investors, entrepreneurs and technologists more widely. Recognising the connections between industries and the opportunities those connections represent will enable companies to excel faster, learn from one another, and solve problems more effectively.

We’d like to thank the teams at Flexe and Glue Home for their contributions to this piece of research, as well as to McKinsey & Company, PwC, EY, and UPS, whose reports and data sets were crucial in bringing this white paper to life. We look forward to collaborating with tastemakers and disrupters to offer insights into other industries and subject areas later in the year.


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