Land Technologies: Creating A More Open And Connected Land Industry

Land Technologies started its life when Andrew Moist, a software developer, started researching how to build his own home in London. It didn’t take him long to discover that finding a plot of land was the first major obstacle. Looking around online he couldn’t find good information on how to find a site and set about understanding the issues. Following this line of enquiry past the roadsigns of ‘industry wide problem’, ‘antiquated planning system’ and ‘lack of good centralised datasets’, he decided that he would set up a business to try and tackle it.

He reached out for a co-founder on Twitter, where a mutual acquaintance connected him with a software developer with a background in Land Management and Planning, Jonny Britton. Having experienced the lack of good software in the development industry first hand, Jonny was enthused with the idea of improving access to good information – within a couple of days the business had a core team and set about working out what to build.

The goal was to make a product that made it faster and easier to work out whether a piece of land was suitable for building on – but what exactly that product looked like was not yet known. Speaking to as many industry players as possible, they spent timing shaping the product. What they found was that the data needed to assess a piece of land for its potential for housing is difficult to find, expensive, and technical to make good use of in a systematic way. Land Insight solves these problems by bringing together key information about any piece of land or property. Building the product has been a real challenge not only due the massive amount of the data involved, but being able to provide that at an affordable price.


Screen shot of Land Insight features

In the longer run, the aim of the company is to create a more open and connected land industry accessible through light and easy to use interfaces. The enabling power of linked data on land could be seen in a whole range of situations from enabling development through to the design of infrastructure or more accessible planning. One of their founders, Jonny Britton, says “it is clear that better access to date is empowering. Our platform aims to unlock data about land, anywhere, anytime, so that it can provide answers to questions and enable development”.

The team see Pi Labs as a great opportunity to access a wide range of industry experience through the mentors and support network, as well as being a great platform to build their launch into the property development sector.

The software is now available to trial via the website.