Interview With GetAgent

GetAgent are a dynamic, new Estate Agent Comparison Site. We interviewed co-founders Rayhan and Colby about their ambitions to help people find the best agent for in their area.

Give us your elevator pitch!

R: GetAgent is the estate agent comparison website. We offer the simplest way for you to choose an agent to sell your home. And the data ensures you get an agent that is proven to sell homes similar to yours for more money.

How did you start Get Agent?

R: GetAgent started with the question: How do you choose an agent? We asked a lot of people, and a pattern emerged with two distinct responses. The first response was people chose an agent that they knew personally. And the second was essentially “eenee meenee minee mo”.

It turns out there was no way to know which agents performed better at selling homes. We want to give control and transparency to those looking to sell their home.

What kind of data do you collect? 

C: Every home that agents market online, alongside the sold prices, size and type of property and what portals are used to advertise homes. That last one is particularly interesting with the coming changes thanks to’s launch on 26th January.

What are your respective professional backgrounds? 

R: The team consists of myself (property domain expertise), Peter Thum-Bonanno (tech – built and sold, Sebastien Powell (design – Lead Designer at AdBrain) and Colby Short (sales – former Country Manager at SMG sports hospitality).

What are your hopes for the Pi Labs incubation program? 

C: We hope that Pi Labs will be a catalyst for innovation in the field of property technology and want to be the poster-child for Pi Labs, showing that it is possible to build a profitable technology company without being disruptive.