Capital, network and support for property

We seek great investments. We work hard to make them even better by throwing the
weight of our entire ecosystem behind them.

What we do

Pi Labs is the first venture capital firm in Europe to exclusively support proptech companies. We believe technology will make our world a fairer and better place and we want to support exceptional talent in achieving great things.

Pi Labs is usually the first institutional investor in a company and we are not afraid to take the first step in fueling your ambition. We are deeply networked and deeply accretive as investors and bring this to the fore to help you as and when needed. Our network helps validate, distribute and scale the best tech products in our ecosystem.

We are fortunate to have partnered with incredible entrepreneurs in the ecosystem. See who they are here and come join them.


Pi Labs invests in companies throughout the seed stage. We typically participate in rounds prior to Series A on a first time basis. We are happy to lead the round or follow with other investors, whichever works best for you. You can expect our initial, honest feedback in the space of a few weeks following first contact.

Enough of the chit-chat though. It‘s time to get cracking

Tailored pre-seed programme

We know beginnings can be difficult. That’s why we created our early-stage growth programme for a small, concentrated group of companies. It helps you build a solid base from which you can grow your business. The programme runs for 15 weeks, during which you will extend your network; meet with different stage investors; get advice on how to optimise your product-market fit; and prepare your company for scale.

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Network and community

Property is a people business. We have a vast network of mentors and advisors including key players in the real estate industry, investors and successful entrepreneurs.

By joining Pi Labs, you will also become a part of the community of exceptional entrepreneurs in our portfolio, and find additional support to grow your business among the other founders.

Global reach

We are based in London, UK, but operate on a global scale. Our management team comes from 9 different countries. We have invested in founders from 19 different nationalities, working on 40+ different markets worldwide. Our partner and mentor network spans across 5 continents. Wherever you’re based, we can support your global vision.

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