Changing The Way We Live, 6 PropTechs at a Time

It’s with great pleasure that Pi Labs can officially announce the launch of our seventh pre-seed growth programme, welcoming six new proptech companies into our family. We’ve been managing these programmes since we launched in 2015 and it is always exciting to welcome the new teams.

Our team at Pi Labs spent months reviewing just under 400 applications and we enjoyed hearing some ground-breaking ideas from teams all over the world. When deciding who to bring in to this cohort, we considered a wide range of factors including the founders themselves, unique value propositions and early traction. We have backed innovations in areas which we feel particularly passionate about – democratising property ownership, well-being in the built environment and automation.

I’m happy that this is our most diverse cohort yet with founders from 8 different countries, spanning 5 continents. At Pi Labs we’ve looked to expand our support to other emerging proptech hubs around the world and this cohort is a reflection of that global focus. I’m also pleased to report that 33% of the cohort have female founders. At Pi Labs, we are strong believers that diversity fuels innovation so we’re eager to see the outputs of a group with a wealth of experience and a variety of perspectives.

We are ready to start working with the new founders on achieving the ambitious goals they have set for themselves. We also look forward to sharing both the successes and challenges of the companies and building strong relationships with each of the fantastic individuals in the group.

But enough about us, I give you the stars of the show, Pi Labs Cohort 7:

  • CRIBZ helps real estate developers automate and optimise their sales process. The platform sends the right message, to the right buyer, at the right time by using artificial intelligence and conversational design to guide buyers through each step of the process.
  • Decology is a personalised home design platform centred around a 3D digital twin of a client’s home. The platform provides consumers with the tools and expertise to visually design their homes and enables retailers to market and showcase their products in situ.
  • GroupLadder empowers friends to buy homes together. GroupLadder not only provides the mortgages needed, but also takes care of the complexity of transacting and owning as a group.
    Pop & Rest offers people in large cities peaceful and private spaces that allow them to disconnect from busy places, such as airports, train stations and workplaces.
  • Pop & Rest offers people in large cities peaceful and private spaces that allow them to disconnect from busy places, such as airports, train stations and workplaces.
  • RenterBuyer helps renters become homeowners without a large mortgage deposit or traditional credit scoring. A unique rent-to-buy solution allows buyers to purchase an affordable fraction of their home upfront; pay rent on the portion not yet owned, whilst purchasing more equity monthly (part-buy, part-rent) until they own outright.
  • TRACK is the dashboard for homeowners – managing property finances simply, beautifully and in one place. The platform gathers the value of your home and mortgage balance, takes into account other stakeholders, then displays all the info on a personalised dashboard.

As part of our work with the 6 companies, we have an array of mentors and speakers ready to roll up their sleeves and work with them to accelerate their growth. If you would also like to support any of the teams, please reach out to me directly and I will happily facilitate.

The programme will run for 15 weeks until Friday 24th May, when the cohort will present their businesses to an audience of investors, founders, alumni, and journalists.

I wish each of the new cohort members the very best of luck over the next four months. Make us proud!

By Raya Yunakova, Programme Director, Pi Labs