OfficeRnd: Office Space Planning

The quality of the office design affects our lives, health and happiness dramatically. Lack of good planning results in poor performance, thus bad business results of the company overall.

Miro and I were managers in a dynamic software company for more than 5 years and we experienced the space planning problem ourselves. We relocated often and every time we struggled to plan our team rooms in the best possible way. Most of the time we failed because we lacked design and architecture skills. We didn’t know the rules nor had the professional software for such tasks.

We decided to make a tool suitable for non-professional designers to let them plan and manage their office. Let’s call it ‘Do It Yourself’ office space planning.

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Then we coded a lot in the evenings. We’ve learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people, including our Chief Architect Pavel Yanev who joined the team. We left our day jobs. Then at some point we were invited to apply to Pi Labs.

We were extremely happy because it’s called ‘Property Innovation Labs’ and we are doing property innovation software. So we thought “that should be it”. Then we researched it and found all the great mentors there. We checked the place – Second Home. For us doing architecture and design software it will be a pleasure to be in that place. The application was quick and smooth. We couldn’t believed it when we were accepted.

Now we are here, ready to relocate to London and start our journey in the exciting world of the proptech.

Wilde Rooms: A Different Use For The Traditional Retail Space

When we can browse an infinite array of fashion products online, the act of browsing in shopping malls for clothes we like appears a very inefficient method of fashion inspiration. Why can we not select the items we like and see online, and then try those items in one place; without the hassle of multiple deliveries and processing returns?

“I want to go to a comfortable environment, in a convenient location, where the staff know my name and know what clothes I have come to try. I want to relax, try my items, buy and then leave.” 

In a world of convenience, fashion retail has become very inefficient. Physical fashion retail means you move from store to store; talking to various staff, trying and comparing items, all before buying. While online fashion retail gives you an infinite choice, but you have to then await deliveries and process returns. Why can we not combine the best of both these methods?


At that is what we do. Founded in May 2013, our technology enables consumers to browse online selecting any items they like and create their bespoke fashion selection. The consumer can then schedule a time to try those selected items in one place called a Wilde Room. A Wilde Room is comprised of luxury changing suites in a high-footfall traditional retail location.

K fashion retail generates in excess of £0.5bn of spending per week on average. Whilst the market is huge it is extremely diverse. The variety of retailers in the industry range from luxury to trans-season fast-fashion. Some consumers buy £350 Givenchy T-shirts, while others £6 Matalan T-shirts. The point however is that fashion apparel retail is personal, and each consumer is unique.

Shopping malls in the 1960s became successful as they offered the consumer everything they wanted under one roof. Technology today enables the consumer to access an infinite aisle online, but the translation of that aisle to the physical is yet to be defined. It is with this opportunity in mind that we created the technology.

We have had advanced conversations with leading UK landlords Westfield, British Land, Land Securities and Hammerson who have all expressed an interest in providing the location for the first Wilde Room. It is with these conversations in mind that we joined Pi Labs. Whilst it is possible to create the technology within a small team; retail and real estate are global industries worth many billions of pounds. it is this realisation that meant in order to create the full Wilde Rooms concept we needed a partner that understood real estate and how technology was impacting the use of that real estate.

Wilde Rooms imagines a different use for the traditional retail space, the same space that landlords can let for high rental premiums to traditional retail tenants. Through the infrastructure and support Pi Labs can afford at Wilde Rooms we feel we are in a stronger position to unlock the corporate door that is our primary barrier to realizing our vision and proving that Wilde Rooms is a viable commercial proposition.