AirSorted: Making Airbnb Hassle-Free

There are many great benefits of Airbnb hosting. Socially, it offers you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life, and can even foster life-long friendships. Financially, it gives you the chance to receive an extra income and, if handled well, quite a substantial return.

But anyone that’s hosted on Airbnb before will know that with these rewards comes a large amount of hassle. From damages and repairs to cleaning and laundry, there is a long list of unglamourous chores and potential problems that can make the process time-consuming, inefficient and ultimately unenjoyable.

Having encountered these difficulties first-hand, we set out to deliver a more hassle-free experience for Airbnb hosts, And so, AirSorted was born.

Our mission is simple: we want to make it easy to share your home while earning an extra income at the same time.

We take care of everything, including screening guests, taking guest inquiries, arranging cleaners, conducting meet and greets, organising repairs, coordinating key exchanges, providing 24/7 guest support and even optimising pricing. Fundamentally, we are an Airbnb management service that takes care of your booking while allowing you to earn higher yields, without all the hassle that usually comes with Airbnb hosting.

We join Pi Labs as the programme’s youngest team both in terms of individual age and company lifespan. Having begun on Boxing Day 2014, we applied to the accelerator at an early stage to help us kickstart our business, and as an Airbnb property service, “Property Innovation Labs” seemed like the perfect option for us. We are currently focused on the London area, but have ambitions to grow internationally.