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Property Innovation Labs (Pi Labs) is Europe’s first venture capital platform to invest exclusively in early stage ventures in the property tech vertical.
Pi Labs was founded to become the centre of the property innovation ecosystem with the vision to identify, mentor, invest in and accelerate high-calibre startup ventures who have the passion and ability to create scalable businesses that will disrupt the property industry. Our in-house property expertise, assists entrepreneurs in the rapid scaling of tomorrow’s tech-enabled property startups.
Pi Labs was founded by Faisal Butt and is led by a management team that has a unique blend of experience across the property and technology industries.


We believe that bringing together a specialised team of individuals that have worked in both the property and technology industries will enable us to identify and select the technology companies that will transform the market. We also believe that early stage companies need more than just investment; they need strategic partners that give them guidance, support, and introduce them to the right networks, mentors, and customers to help them build lasting and scalable businesses.


We know that early stage technology companies face unique challenges when developing technology for the property industry, in particular when it comes to testing, marketing and selling their products. We believe that by creating an ecosystem of mentors and experts from both the property and technology industries, and by fostering an approach that gives early stage companies financial, operational and strategic support we can accelerate their growth, getting the companies to product/market fit faster and setting them up to thrive and scale.


We understand that raising money is hard - we’ve been there and done it ourselves. When you meet with us, we won’t waste your time. You can expect honest, open feedback from the very first meeting. If we don’t think we’re a good fit for you, we’ll tell you. If we think your business can succeed without VC investment, we’ll point that out to you.
We support entrepreneurs through our two investment channels:

We invest in companies through the Pi Labs Accelerator Programme.

We back early stage ventures that are raising their Seed through to Series A rounds.

If you have an idea that you think will disrupt the real estate industry, then we’d love to hear from you.


First and foremost, we look for exceptional entrepreneurs that are solving big problems and have the passion and ability to execute, and to build a team to achieve their vision.

We are looking for solutions that are driven by technology - this is at the very epicentre of any business proposal we invest in.

We want to invest in people who believe in partnership. We look for founders/teams who share in this approach.

We expect any business we back to have the ability to scale. And quickly. That doesn’t necessarily mean geographic expansion; growth into new market segments or some other widening of the customer base is also encouraged.

We are geographically agnostic - provided that we can get comfortable with the legal and structuring arrangements in a particular jurisdiction. We will work with you on this when it comes to investing.

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