enter site We love meeting startups with an idea and who are passionate about disrupting the property sector so we are more than happy to try and fit you in, so please contact us in advance to make an appointment.

cheap est viagra We are looking to invest in disruptive and innovative property startups and there may be some companies that are competing for the same market but we try to avoid this as much as possible. Having said that, we may have similar companies on the accelerator programme who are in different cohorts or similar companies to the accelerator companies that have received Seed funding from Pi Labs.

go site Yes we do offer internships during our Accelerator programme for business development, design, marketing and developer candidates. Please email us at info@pilabs.co.uk if you are interested in learning more about our internship programme and please submit a CV and cover letter so we can learn more about you. Sadly, this is open only to UK and EU residents at this time.


http://chamleypipe.com/?q=buy-viagra-without-prescription-online-pharmacy Pi Labs is a business and is run by entrepreneurs like you! We think our accelerator programme will allow you to learn, develop, network and grow your startup and the mentoring, coaching and perks you will receive will be of  fantastic value. The Pi Labs experience will give you an advantage over other property startups and will greatly improve your chances of growing your business, gaining investment and disrupting your sector. We invest in our teams because we believe in them and want to push them to the next level. It is in both our interests to see you succeed as we have a vested interest too!

buy viagra fioricet Ideally not. We will probably receive a lot of applications and it is a time consuming affair which is why we have an application process via f6s. We have a process of selecting teams and we may involve certain mentors in the selection process. Our mentors are volunteers and extremely busy people and we don’t want to get annoyed by the volume of inbound messages they may get! Please email the Pi Labs team and not our mentors.

viagra sale prices During the accelerator programme we ask that at least one co-founder works from our office and attends each of the workshops. We understand that you need to be out meeting customers and investors and we try to work around any important meetings; however, we have found that the teams that are based in our office get the most out of the programme.

follow site Yes you can apply if you are not from the UK. Please apply as soon as you can so we can process your application and give you an answer as soon as possible. We will try our best to help our where you can, but it is your responsibility to find out how to obtain the relevant visas for working in the UK and we can provide any suitable evidence you may require. Contact us if you have any Visa questions.

is viagra legal in australia We provide the pre-seed funding to get you going, but you may well need more funding to take your business to the next level. Towards the end of the three month programme, we will run an Investor Demo Day where angel investors and venture capitalists from all over the country will check out your technology and listen to your pitch. The Pi Labs team will bring together the best investors from the property and technology world and you will get to meet them all! We will also consider your business for follow on investment.

http://caindiainfo.com/?q=viagra-levitra-cialis-uk Whilst we don’t screen applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We look for great, balanced teams who have a full range of skills. We strongly advise you to seek co-founders who balance your skill set. For example, if you’re a strong developer, you might consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience. If you’re a great business evangelist with no developer, it’s very unlikely we’ll accept you into the program, so go find a rock star developer to join you.

We suggest that you apply if you have a co-founder for your business. We recommend you use as many social media channels as possible and post on entrepreneurship forums too! Go to as many networking and startup events in your local city and meet as many people as you can and try and build a suitable team so your startup is more sustainable and more likely to succeed. We can’t help you find co-founders but we strongly encourage you to get some onboard!

You can live wherever you want in London but our offices are based in Soho. We don’t provide a place for you to live, that is up to you to find. We will assist you in the process and recommend a few flatsharing websites to try out but you need to take the lead in finding somewhere to stay. Get in touch with us if you have any concerns and we will reach out to our network for you as well!

Not at all. We will take anyone who is over the age of 18 onto our programme.

All shortlisted companies will be contacted around 6 weeks before the programme starts to schedule in person interviews. We will update all companies on our selection process on the F6S dashboard and final decisions will be announced at least one month before the programme starts.

Please keep an eye on the F6S dashboard for all announcements.

Nope. Just fill out the Pi labs online application form via f6s – that’s all we need from you to start the application process moving forward. You can find the form here.

We will be accepting applications until mid May 2017 for our fifth programme. We will announce the  formal deadline on F6S closer to the time. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

Not at all. We are here to help entrepreneurs- not steal their ideas. We will review plenty of applications often from different startups with similar ideas. We are in the business of encouraging innovative and exciting property startups.

Yes. We think it’s best not to outsource, but it obviously works in some cases. We’re happy to consider any application. Just remember that we’re primarily focused on the team. At some point though, you should bring all development in-house and have the capacity to do so in the near future (post funding).

We love working with developers and designers and so do our startup teams. Drop us an email at info@pilabs.co.uk and let us know what skills you have and what you are looking for and we will try and bring you on board for the duration of our Accelerator programme.